In order to be able to have a taste if best naija food in Ghana, you’re required to make the food just the way you like it but truth remains, because of your daily hustle, there not be time to shop ingredients, prepare the recipes, etc. Sometimes the required ingredient aren’t even there at all!

Well, I’m going to teach you how to order your favorite naija food in Accra city of Ghana. So If you are about “How to buy Eba and Egusi soup in Ghana or how to order Egusi Soup and Eba in Accra, this post is for you!

Quickly goto

Locate the menu to ensure your desired meal is on display.

If you’re with your mobile phone, quickly reach out by dialing any of the number on the page.

Now speak with the customer care and make a good description of the food you desire and boom!

Just wait a bit, your desired naija food will be delivered to your door step but this means you’ll need to pay for delivery too!

In Adaowerrikitchen, you also get to enjoy Ofadarice, naija delicacies with assorted meat.

This is it on How to Order your favorite naija meal in Accra, Ghana!

Have a great naija taste from your sojourn city of Accra today!